About Me

Meet Bucky (Wouter), the cool and talented Techno DJ/Producer from Belgium! Back in 2010, he was just a music enthusiast experimenting with all kinds of electronic beats – from House to DnB and Dubstep. But it wasn’t until 2018 that something magical happened – Bucky fell head over heels in love with Techno music!

Fueling his newfound passion, Bucky took a leap of faith and released his very first single, “Mayday,” in June 2019. And guess what? DJs like Goldfox and Klaps loved it too! Soon enough, “Mayday” was blasting in club Forty Five in Hasselt and even making waves on Studio Brussel.

But then, 2020 hit us all with a pandemic, and things had to change. Not one to back down, Bucky decided to embrace the digital age and started streaming his electrifying sets on Twitch and in virtual reality every Friday and Saturday. Imagine dancing to his beats right in your living room!

Bucky is all about keeping the party alive, and his sets last for over 5 hours, making sure everyone gets a chance to join in on the fun.

With his undeniable talent and hard work, Bucky managed to release a total of 14 originals by the end of 2020, collaborating with awesome labels like Strohm Records and Lipstick On Records. And that’s not all – he even got to showcase his music on local radio stations!

Now, fast forward to 2023, and Bucky has unleashed a groundbreaking series called “Lots of Acid.” These six hard-hitting Acid Techno tracks are taking the world by storm, and fans just can’t get enough!

From his humble beginnings to his dazzling journey, Bucky’s passion for Techno music has transformed him into a true star. He’s not just a DJ; he’s a friend who keeps the music alive, brings the party to your home, and keeps us grooving even during tough times.

With Bucky leading the way, the future of Techno looks brighter than ever. So, get ready to dance to the infectious beats, because this Belgian maestro is here to make your feet move and your heart sing!

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